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CompWear sleeve vest sun protection for sport, golf, tennis, cycling, hiking, walking

The Aussie climate can be harsh on your skin. Protect your arms with sun protection sleeves that wick away the sweat and keep you cool.

Made from swimsuit lycra in a range of colours. The sleeve vest is 2 way stretch, UPF 50 and cool.
Rather than having to reapply sunscreen every hour, the sleeve vest provides a great alternative.
The body of the garment is a lightweight mesh that gives you the 'barely there' feel and keeps you cool.
The sleeve is long enough to tuck into your golf gloves.
The sleeve vest is styled in a raglan sleeve design so that even if you are wearing a sleeveless top your shoulders are protected from the sun.
So much better than the pull on style sleeve. No exposed skin that isn't covered by the pull ons.
The CompWear sleeve vest sells for $50.
Hand wash in warm water with a gentle detergent. Do not bleach or use strong detergents.
Hang immediately to dry, preferably out of the sun.
Cool iron only if needed.
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